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Metal She Supps Scoop



Zero Plastic has always been our goal. These stainless steel scoops are not only environmentally friendly but very durable. Finished in black they are a perfect addition to your She Supps collection of products.

The metal scoop comes in 3 different sizes. Small, Medium & Large. Small will provide 3 scoops per product serving (for slimmer, protein, lean protein, vegan protein, lean vegan protein & pancake mix only). The medium will provide 2 scoops per serving

How to Use:

These scoops can only be used for the Slimmer, Protein, Lean Protein, Vegan Protein, Lean Vegan Protein, and Pancake Mix.

They are easy to remove excess powder attached to the surface by lightly tapping it against the lid of the jar until the excess powder falls off.

You can also wash the scoop if required.

Is this product dishwasher proof?

Yes. You are absolutely fine to put this product in the dishwasher. We suggest placing the shaker, mesh layer, and lid separately so all parts are washed properly.