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Lean Protein Refill Bag

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The Lean Protein Refill bag was created to save you money, make your life more convenient and help the environment. Saving money is always nice, storing your powder in one of our jars is convenient & reducing the amount of plastic being put into the environment helps our planet. There's no wonder the Lean Protein Refill Bag is one of our best selling products.

Key Features:

✓ Tastes Amazing
✓ Low in Fat
✓ High in Protein
✓ Contains CLA, Green Tea and Acai
✓ Only 111 Calories Per Serving
✓ Eco-Friendly

Refill your Lean Protein Jar

Purchasing regular supplies of the Lean Protein powder is made so much easier with the option to buy it in a Refill Bag. The refill system is designed to save you money, offer convenience and help the environment. On top of that who doesn't want to store their protein powder in a beautiful jar and proudly display it?

The Lean Protein powder in the refill bag tastes the same

The powder in the refill bag is exactly the same as the Jar and Taster Pack. The only difference is the packaging. The Lean Protein powder is highly recommended if you're new to protein. If you're not new to supplements and want a little more protein & less carbs-sugar-fat per serving then the Lean Protein is for you. As an added bonus or if weight loss is your goal it also contains fat burning ingredients like Green Tea Extract, Guarana & Acai Berry.

Achieve your goals with Lean Protein

Whether your goal is weight loss or muscle toning, Lean Protein can assist with both. It will help you achieve your fitness goals by ticking the box of the essential nutritional values.

Subscribe to Lean Protein

As part of offering convenience to our customers, you can also subscribe to the Lean Protein Refill Bag on a subscription. Not only will you save money but we will deliver your Lean Protein powder on the cycle of your choosing and therefore as regularly as you need it.

Available Flavours:

Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana, Vanilla & Salted Caramel

Total Servings:

450g Jar - 15 Servings

900g Jar - 30 Servings

Suggested Use:

Add 3 Scoops (30g) of powder into a shaker or blender with approximately 300ml of milk or water. Try creating new recipes by adding fresh fruit and ice. Consume 1 – 2 Shakes daily or as required.

Please Note - Refill Bags do NOT contain a scoop.


Soya Protein Isolate, Protein Blend: Whey Protein Concentrate (Milk) & Milk Protein Concentrate, Taurine, CLA Powder, Acai Berry, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Green Tea, Flavourings, Natural Colourings, Stabilisers: Xantham Gum, Sweetener: Sucralose.

Nutritional Information (per serving):

Energy kcal 111 kcals
Fat 0.77g
of which saturates 0.03g
Carbohydrates 1.92g
of which sugars 1.15g
Protein 23.85g
Salt 0.15g
Taurine 0.92g
CLA Powder 0.45g
Acai Berry 4:1 Extract 0.42g
Acetyl-L-Carnitine 0.15g
Green Tea 0.12g

Can I take this product whilst pregnant?

You should be fine taking this product whilst you are pregnant. We always advice getting advice from your doctor first.

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