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Women Working Out - 3 Myths

Posted on August 27 2015

There is always so much out there about the dos and donts of working out especially for women. With so many opinions on the matter we decided to speak with a number of personal trainers both male and female to summarise what they thought were 3 common myths relating to women working out.


Myth 1 – I shouldn't lift heavy weights I’ll “get too big”

The common concern amongst women is that by lifting heavier they will “get too big”. There is a simple mathematical formula that all the bodybuilders follow to “get big” and the secret formula for getting big is eating big coupled with lifting big. Lifting heavier weights if coupled with eating to grow should be a concern if you're not wanting to “get too big”. However lifting heavier by itself without coupling this with heavy eating simply creates more muscle mass which in turn cuts fat quicker and makes for a more toned body.



Myth 2 – I should spend all my time doing cardio

If you’re not spending your time lifting heavier weights it’s probably likely that all your time at the gym is spent doing cardio. Cardio is definitely an effective fat burning tool and shouldn't be completely taken off your list of workouts but entirely focusing on it can have a negative effect. Generally its more difficult for women to build muscle mass with the reduced amount of testosterone but spending the majority of your time just walking, running, jogging or swimming won’t help with increased muscle strength either.


eat as little as possible

Myth 3 - I should couple my workouts with eating as little as possible

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Starving your body is not a healthy way of toning out. Storage of fat is a method your body puts in place for survival and there are definitely good types of fat that you’re going to want to keep. Another big mistake that women make is the tendency to move away from carbs and ignoring the intake of protein and other essential fats. Protein helps the repair of muscle tissue; aside from helping, muscles get bigger protein also helps your muscle to recover quicker. How many times have you done a workout and pushed your muscles to the point of burn (a great feeling) but then days later you're still feeling the burn to the extent that you have to wait a couple more days to get back to the gym? Protein helps the repair speed up meaning you can get back to the gym quicker.

What do we recommend for women working out?

We would recommend putting these myths to bed, change your meal program, spend less time doing cardio and pick up the heavier weights. You will be amazed to see the type of physique you can build.


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