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Where to buy plastic-free protein powder

Posted on September 08 2020

Plastic-free protein powder

The protein industry has boomed over the last few years, with protein powders, brownies, bars, gels and even high-protein yoghurts all growing in popularity. Gone are the days when protein products were only used by bodybuilders and Olympic athletes - today they’re used by all kinds of men and women to help with their fitness goals or to simply top-up the amount of protein in their diets. 

There is one big downside to all of this protein popularity however - protein powders are usually sold in bulky plastic containers that produce a lot of waste. Although some types of plastic can be recycled, much of it ends up in landfills, and eventually in the ocean. 

Our zero-waste protein powder and accessories

Protein jar

When we started selling female-focused protein shakes in 2015, we decided to go completely plastic free and virtually zero-waste. 

Instead of unsustainable plastic tubs, we sell our protein powders in reusable glass jars. When the jar is empty, simply buy an eco-friendly refill pack. The refills come in lightweight, biodegradable paper packaging. You can refill and reuse the jars as many times as you like! There’s no plastic waste, and nothing has to go to a landfill.

At She Supps we take our responsibility to the planet very seriously, and we are working to eliminate plastic entirely from our protein range. Along with our glass jars and paper refill packs, we have also developed a metal shaker and metal protein scoops. They last longer than their plastic alternatives and are easily recycled - not to mention they look and feel great.

Better for the environment and better for your pocket

Refill bag

Refillable protein containers aren’t just better for the planet, they’re also more cost-effective for you. A 600g lean protein refill bag from She Supps costs just £17.99. That’s less than 75p per 25g serving!

The bags come in a number of convenient sizes to match your nutrition needs, and are available in a range of delicious flavours including strawberry, chocolate, banana, vanilla and salted caramel. We believe we have some of the very best tasting protein shakes on the market.

You can save even more money - and never run out of protein again -  if you order a convenient subscription. You can receive your refills every 1 month, 2 months or 3 months and save 10%.

Where can I buy plastic-free protein powder?

She Supps

You can browse a range of sustainable, plastic-free protein powder and other fitness supplements at

Everything you see on the site is manufactured in the UK and is dispatched from our UK headquarters. Orders are dispatched on the same day (if placed before 3pm) and delivery is free when you spend over £30. Be sure to check out our new activewear range as well.


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