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Our eco-friendly protein shakes

Posted on July 06 2020

Protein shakes and supplements are widely known for their health benefits, from aiding recovery to improving muscle tone and even helping you to lose weight. But what about their ‘green’ credentials? Are protein shakes good for the environment? Is there such a thing as eco-friendly protein shakes? Let’s find out…

Is protein sustainable?

The main ingredient in most protein shakes is whey protein. Whey is 100% natural and easily digested & absorbed by the body, making it a perfect protein supplement. Interestingly, whey is a by-product that’s created in the cheese making process. So by using whey protein, you are actually making good use of something that would normally go to waste!

Vegan protein is often made using peas, along with other plant sources such as rice and soy. Peas are naturally rich in protein and can be grown with very little environmental impact - unlike other crops, they don’t require fertilisers. Check out our vegan protein range here

Overall, protein powders have an extremely low environmental impact. Other protein sources such as lean meat, fish and poultry are great and contain many important nutrients, but they also require a lot more energy and water to produce.

What about the packaging?

Protein products are usually sold in plastic tubs, which can’t always be recycled. In 2015 alone, UK consumers spent over £66 million on sports nutrition products - that’s a mammoth amount of packaging, and a good percentage of that will be going straight to landfills.

That’s why, when we launched She Supps in 2015 we made the decision early on to eliminate plastic waste and focus on reusable packaging. Sustainability has been at the heart of what we do from the very beginning.

You won’t see any plastic packaging in our protein range. Instead, we use refillable glass jars and eco-friendly refill packs. By doing this we can reduce waste and save you money at the same time. Our paper refill packs are made from responsibly-sourced materials that can be recycled after use. To top it all off, everything is proudly manufactured right here in the UK.

Fun fact - if you took all the waste that we’ve saved from going to landfills, it could fill the Burj Khalifa in Dubai!

Where can I buy eco-friendly protein shakes?

She Supps stocks a wide range of premium sports nutrition products designed specifically for women. Whether you want to build muscle, get lean or simply feel more energetic in the gym, we have a product that will help you reach your workout goals - including lean protein, vegan protein and fat burning supplements.

View our protein range here.


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