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Do pre-workout supplements really work for women?

Posted on June 14 2015

It doesn't matter how long you've been going to the gym, sometimes all of us wake up on a particular morning having had a bad night’s sleep and experience the pre-workout blues. Pre Workout Supplements are designed to help give you the necessary boost of energy at exactly those times, however, it doesn't just stop there. They can also be effective in assisting when you really want to push your workouts to the next level.

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How did we end up getting Pre Workout supplements?

Pre Workout supplements were first created for body-builders who up until that point were using coffee before workouts to give them an energy boost. Realising how coffee isn't all that good for you supplement manufacturers decided to create a better alternative which would offer the same energy but stripped out all the unnecessary ingredients. Thus Pre Workout Supplements were born. Since then formulas have improved dramatically including lots of different flavours.

How Do They Work?

Pre Workouts are made from ingredients design to increase your blood flow by opening up your cardiovascular system which in turn improves your energy levels. The main areas that are enhanced are energy, stamina and muscle building potential.

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Should I be cautious when taking them?

As with any form of stimulants, we would advise that you follow the daily guideline for recommended amounts being consumed. We all have different bodies and the tolerance towards the ingredients contained in Pre Workout Supplements vary, with that in mind we would recommend you judge for yourself the effects they will have on you. Don’t do too much at once. Try gradually increasing the servings and see how your body responds. Some people find that Pre Workout Supplements just isn't for them and there is no shame in that.

What makes She Supps Pre Workout Supplements for women different?

Our Pre Workout Energy Booster Supplement has been specifically formulated for women. The female body requires different levels of ingredients then the male body to open up the cardiovascular system. As the majority of Pre Workout Supplements are made for men, She Supps Pre Workout Supplements for women was born. You can buy it here.


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